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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Why a so many blogs, I guess I’ve never really explained this, allow me rectify the matter. For a start, let me explain that this separation is something that happens in most aspects of my work I experiment with endlessly different styles I make both art and music write poems, short stories, and essays and have ambitions for much more besides and yet no matter how much I may want to I have never been able to bring them together in any hugely successful way [with one exception] blog from the bog is reserved for writings on world events that are happening now or in the past and my opinion on them, nouveau post ma blog is written from the collective perspective of an art movement and is about art and movement and is written in a style half poem half essay [that’s the exception] there is in both of them some intention towards controversy, vst1 serves as a portal to my other blogs and carries pieces of writing about them [such as this] the new one is dedicated purely to TV and as such I felt that it was to narrow to have as a part blog from the bog although having said that TV is a major concern it is one of the biggest windows in the world second perhaps only to the internet which is non the less used by fewer people. There are many other ideas I have for blogs that I may or may not carry out. My diary, philosophy, and Art writings that are not part of the movement.

this was writen at a time when i thought that i would start making more blogs but i've got past that now, so this functions more as a historocal document than anything else having said that i do have three blogs and that is something that even without anything else warrants some explenaition and there it was.

Monday, December 19, 2005


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I've decided that if i want people to go to my blogs then i should probably explain their merits.
non blond blog/blog from the bog is all about entertaining and offending [though only when nessesary] and ultimately provoking thought and conversation in this respect i suppose that makes it as original as that joke about the pope shitting in the woods, but none the less here it is.

nouveau post ma is the blog of what i hope will become a new art movement dedicated to moving forward, to creating something new [which may be imposible] to creating the future on the foundation of the past and escaping the false ideal of revolution which can move something forward but never moves forward itself.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


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